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ASYLUM (1972)

The only thing better than an anthology is a classic 70s anthology and ASYLUM is no exception. We get a doctor visiting an asylum for a job interview and is told if he can figure out which of the patients used to be the head doctor there, before him or herself being admitted for going clinically insane, then he will get the job. We hear four stories, from two men and two women, and the doctor has to determine which patient used to the run the place based on these tales. Anthologies are usually a mixed bag, but I’d say that this one for the most part is pretty decent across all anecdotes. We get a mixture of scenarios; from affair/murder, to bringing the dead back to life, to invisible friends, to murder dolls. Obviously, you’ll have to find your favorite but each story is about the same in length and is subtle enough to keep the tension until the big reveal at the end of each tale. Of course, the framing device with the doctor needing to find the true identity is its own tale and that ends pretty nicely too. For a decent time with a classic 70s flick with Mr. Peter Cushing himself (although in a small role), you could do worse than checking in here for a night.

SLASH SCENE: Murdering dolls


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