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Asraya - In The End (Linkin Park Cover Review)

New York based metalcore group Asraya released a cover of Linkin Park's hit song "In The End" today. I thought it was really interesting how they handled it. They took the piano melody and did it on guitar. The two vocalists absolutely nailed it! But definitely did things really differently, especially in the last couple minutes of the song. I did not expect them to both start growling like that, but I definitely enjoyed it. I enjoyed this cover a lot. It's true enough to the original, but they totally took it and ran with it and made it their own. It's fantastic! The music video is also really well done and kind of disturbing in some ways. I definitely thought it was great and fit the song really well. I highly recommend checking this one out. ~Gangis

Image credit: Still frame from the music video for "In The End" by Asraya.

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