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Artisan CBD from a Hop Yard?

In small town Plattsmouth, Nebraska there sits a little business called Midwest Hop Producers. Now i know what your thinking, your posting this blog in the wrong spot, lol, but no i'm not. These guys and gals are producing CBD products from pure 100 percent flower. I actually had the chance of trying one of their artisan CBD pre rolls. It was the NE Blueberry Cobbler #5 and im here to tell you that it was awesome! Rolled nice and tight, smelled amazing, and worked like a dream. I lit up around 11 pm on the night we picked em up, and it didn't take long from the wave of pure relaxation to take over. It wasn't harsh like some flower is, very mellow and smooth hits, and a beautiful relaxation took affect about half way through the pre roll. Now this doesn't have THC so it's not the relaxation that your thinking of. It was like that feeling of a nice, cool summer day, sitting around the pool, early in the morning and being about 1 good, high gravity beer in. That kind of feeling. I laid down to go to sleep and it was off to dream world real fast, didn't wake up, no tossing and turning, just complete relaxation. If you can get your hands on these pre rolls, i suggest giving them a try, it's totally worth it!

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