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Ohhh we don’t have enough horror out there like APRIL FOOL’S DAY. A group of college folks out there gather at an island mansion for spring break...which is par for the course in this genre. What isn’t typical is along the way we get some murders and a mystery unfolding as far as who is behind this, motivations, and the ever-so-subtle theme of “is this a prank?” With the common phrase as the title, one will have those suspicions along the entire thing…is this for real? What is really going on? Depending on your suspension of disbelief on the actual reveal and what is going on, will determine your enjoyment overall. Personally, I think it does a pretty solid job of a narrative that makes sense and a backstory to who the supposed killer/killers are to warrant a second viewing to see if you can spot the tomfoolery happening. Oh, and we have Biff Tannen along for the ride! Automatically, that elevates this some points. While some folks don’t like having the rug pulled out from underneath at the 11th hour, whether actual or real terror, this is a good example of the journey being as good if not better then the destination. You won’t feel like you wasted your holiday no matter what happens in the climax. Give it a shot…and then try to fool yourself into seeing what actually happens.

SLASH SCENE: The reveal


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