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Apple rings and more....

So for those of you that really don't like the feeling that thc gives you there is obviously cbd. CBD being known more for its medical purposes doesn't give you that "high" feelings. My other half has an extremely difficult time going to sleep and staying to sleep. She had tried the melatonin and other natural and pill solutions but nothing worked until we found these things at a local cigar shop. They work! She takes 1 or 2 1000mg apple rings and off to bed she goes and nine times outta ten she stays asleep the entire time. Not only does it aid in her sleep, it helps with my stomach issues that i have on a daily basis. if you have IBS like i do, this greatly alleviates almost all of the terrible symptoms associated with IBS. These things are every bit worth the $40 bucks that we spend on them for a container where we have spent thousands on other remedies that do not work. If you have any of these isuues like we do, we highly suggest giving these a shot!

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