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Aocalyptica - Ventura, CA - 10/5/22

After their recent USA tour earlier this year, Finnish cello metal band Apocalyptica return to their North American fans. In 2020, they released their ninth studio album, Cell-O. on September 9, they released their EP Metal Classic, Classic Metal. This time around, they visited venues that they missed last time. One of the stops for this tour was The Majestic Ventura Theater in Ventura, California.

Apocalyptica plays their music with cellos instead of traditional guitars. The lights went out again and fans once again cheered as the members of Apocalyptica made their way to the stage. They started their show with Ashes of the Modern World and right away, you could see how cellos work perfectly in the metal world. After a couple of more songs, Apocalyptica introduced their touring singer. It was Franky Perez who has collaborated with Apocalyptica on multiple occasions. The first two songs they did together were I'm Not Jesus and Not Strong Enough. After that, Apocalyptica went back to being a cello band. Apocalyptica brought out many of their hits including Rise, En Route to Mayhem and Scream for the Silent. Perez came back out to join Apocalyptica and sing a few more songs. The next couple of songs included Shadowmaker, I Don't Care and a cover of War Pigs (Black Sabbath). After that, Apocalyptica was nearing the end of their show and played some of their best songs which were cello covers of Metallica songs. The first one was Nothing Else Matters and the last song for the show was Seek and Destroy. Apocalyptica left the stage, and all seemed quiet. People cheered and chanted their name. After a small break, Apocalyptica came back out and the crowd cheered once again. Two encores were played which were Farewell and the classical song, In the Hall of the Mountain King. Apocalyptica left the stage once again and the crowd kept cheering. This was an amazing show and surely the fans couldn't wait for them to come back again.

Photos and review by Misael Ruiz


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