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Anthony Vincent - Like A Stone (Acoustic Cover)

YouTube cover artist Anthony Vincent, formerly known as Ten Second Songs released an acoustic full length cover of Audioslave's hit song "Like A Stone". This is just days after he posted a slightly cryptic goodbye on YouTube saying that Ten Second Songs is over, it's time for him to grow and branch out more. I definitely think he's matured a bit over the years. When he first started his ten seconds videos, I honestly don't know if he could have pulled this off. His cover of "Like A Stone" is absolutely beautiful. He's able to put so much emotion into his voice, and do a wonderful sensitive cover of this song. I absolutely love it. This perfectly captures the essence of the original song, but he handled it so well and did such a good job. I definitely recommend checking it out, and I'm very much looking forward to whatever he does next. ~Gangis

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