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Antebellum was released September 18, 2020 and directed by Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz. The main stars included Janelle Monae, Eric Lange, and Jena Malone. Veronica Henley Played by Janelle Monae has to uncover what mystery has her falling into a mind bender of a nightmare. What are the two different worlds she has been wrapped up in? Watching this will have you asking yourself as well. I liked the movie and give it the Siskel and Ebert, one thumb up and one thumb down. It was a slow burner, and found some parts left unexplained, but overall an okay movie.

The movie starts out on a plantation with soldiers and slaves working. Shortly after you see things get violent between one of the soldiers and a woman and I found it difficult at first to understand why this was happening. Like I said, this movie starts out slow and jumps around a bit. I was almost towards the last half of the movie to really know what was actually going on. The first portion of the movie takes place on this plantation. The movie then jumps to Veronica Henley’s character in modern day, who is a well-off successful woman with a PHD and other certifications that show that she is very successful. The first sign that something strange is afloat is a video call from a woman with a peculiar personality, who does not state her exact nature of the call. She shows extreme interest in Veronica’s daughter and laughs hysterically when asked if she is a head hunter. When Veronica leaves on a flight and arrives at her destination where she has to speak at a conference, small things begin to feel off too her. The why of everything is still very unclear.

I did not feel this movie falls deeply into the horror genre, but it had some creepy scenes, but not enough to scare me perse'

. I felt like the movie jumped around a lot and I was left asking who is that person, why is she doing that. The settings switched a lot and it was not a fun movie to watch. I did not feel I was left in suspense, but more in confusion. It took a long time for this movie to develop and till the end to really sum everything up and for me to know the why.

Watch this movie when you do not have anything else to do with your time. You would like this if you are okay with movies that do not have a lot of consistency. The Portrayal seems to be a view on Veronica and who she is and the people on the plantation did not approve of her or anyone else that was not like them. This is one of the ideas I did get out of this movie, but overall, it was not well put together and very messy.

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