• Gangis The Demon

Anotherkind - Back To The Roots

The guitarist Vidick from Infected Rain has a new side project called Anotherkind. I just listened to their song "Back To The Roots" by Anotherkind. I liked it so much that I had to say something about it. I'm not entirely sure how this project describes themselves, but I want to call it melodic death metal with some djent influences, maybe? Whatever you want to call it, I think it's great! I'm not used to listening to music in Russian, but I definitely enjoyed it. The vocalist, who is also from Infected Rain absolutely kicks ass! Her screams and growls and even her clean vocals are absolutely fantastic! There's a lot of heavy and a lot of softer parts of the song, which I also like because it shows the versatility of the musicians. This is just a really cool song and I like it a lot. I definitely recommend checking it out. ~ Gangis

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