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American Grim - Freakshow (Single Review)

Okay to start this out this is my first rendezvous with American Grim. I started with a song and video off their debut album "FreakShow" and the single was the self titled song from that album. My very first instincts told me if Rob Zombie & Marylin Manson had a baby this would be the outcome! I hear so much of each artist in this band from the voice to the style and delivery. It's not a bad thing... its very much a compliment because those are two of my favorite rock artist of all time! I loved the band's performance and over all sound. The lead singer of course killed it with lyrics that kept your heading moving.. The music video itself also was pretty awesome. Very similar to Rob Zombie music video's as well with the strobes and flashing lights. I'll definitely be checking out more of this band in the following days and I strongly encourage you to do the same..

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