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AMENRA - De Evenmens

Belgian Sludge/Post-metal/Doom/Post-hardcore/Alternative metal group Amernra released a new single today titled "De Evenmens" off of their "De Doorn" album that's coming out on June 25th. This song is fantastic! It has a very dark, fuzzy, slow doom sound with some brutal screaming vocals, which then transition to what sounds like spoken word. The song slows down even more towards the middle and gets more relaxed, before picking back up again. This song is perfect for lighting up a bowl when you're depressed and just vibing. It's so good. I am definitely really looking forward to their new album, I think it's going to kick some serious ass. ~Gangis

Imagecredit: Still frame from the music video for "De Evenmens" by Amenra on Relapse Records.

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