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"Good Evening"...if you watched any of the original show back in the 50' heard this signature saying at the beginning of each episode. The suspense master himself, Alfred Hitchcock, had several shows throughout this career...his first one arguably the best (followed by The Hitchcock Hour and 'New' Alfred Hitchcock Presents). Each episode would have a brief intro and conclusion epilogue by him...with the standalone story in between. Where Twilight Zone relied more on some supernatural, mystery, and fantasy, this show was more grounded that featured a mixture of suspense, mystery, and a bit of horror usually wrapped around murder. There were still some twist endings but nonetheless took place in the real world vs the T-Zone. Not that there's anything wrong with the T-Zone obviously, but if you like your stories more realistic and centered around some good 'ol fashioned murder whodunits, check out Mr. Hitchcock and his old school vignettes. Also, unlike alot of shows that may take awhile to find their footing, this one has some strong episodes right out the gate from the beginning. Speaks to his dedication when some of his more famous films came out during the production of this one. "Good Evening"...tis indeed when spending an evening with the master of suspense himself.

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