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AFI - Dulcería

California based alt rock/hardcore punk group AFI released a new single earlier this month titled "Dulcería" off of their "Bodies" album that's coming out on June 11th. I enjoyed this song a lot! It has sort of a mesa dunes bluesy type feel which I really like. The bassline is absolutely killer, and I really like how this is a very bass heavy song, with the guitar only making very subtle sounds. I love the sort of back and forth thing the guitar and bass do a few times. Their singer has a fantastic voice. I thought the music video was pretty cool, it's definitely not very complicated or flashy, but sometimes less is more. This is one of those times, it's interesting, but it doesn't distract the listener from the music. This is just a wonderful song. I enjoyed it a lot. ~Gangis

Photocredit: Still image from the music video for "Dulcería" by AFI on Rise Records.

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