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Accept - The Undertaker

I just checked out the single "The Undertaker" by German heavy metal band Accept. This song is off their new album "Too Mean to Die" that comes out on January 15th. This song is fantastic! I love how during a lot of the song we have an eerie and softly played guitar strumming in the background, and then the chorus kicks up in a way that I can only describe as a mash up between Metallica and Tyr. The guitar solo around the four minute mark is outstanding. I also really liked the music video. It features an undertaker character whose wearing face paint like Brandon Lee in The Crow, but he throws off some major Heath Ledger's and Jack Nicholson's Joker vibes. He digs up a girl and then has dinner with her and dances with her and it's all very entertaining to watch. This video is fantastic. I love this song and this video and I definitely am looking forward to the album release. ~Gangis

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