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A Xmas horror that doesn't completely blow ass...

A Christmas Horror Story actually isn't too bad! I was quite surprised. Usually your horror christmas movies completely suck ass. There has been a few gems here and there which pan out to be pretty good, but those are usually big budget Hollywood films that do well. This time we got a b rated flick that was actually pretty damn good. yes it had its moments of shitty cgi but most all great b rated gems do! Overall the acting was great, it even had William Shattner, and who doesn't love William Shattner? The film its self had solid story lines being that it was an anthology type film like creep show so that was pretty dope. The practical effects used were pretty spot on and the ending was great with a cool little mindfuck. If you got the time, go ahead and check this little flick out, it will definitely end up on my xmas watch list each year!

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