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A twisted old tale with a new spin

Let me start out by saying this movie is fucking bad ass! I haven't been too impressed with newer movies. They have been either incredibly boring or the same movies and ideas or remakes done over and over again. But finally we get a horror flick we deserve! The Furies! The acting in this movie is fucking spot on, the practical effects and cinematography were fucking bad ass and my favorite thing of the whole film was the story line. Now i will give you that the story line has had similar plots on other films but they took a very simple idea thats been done, they twisted and created something brand new outta something that was old instead of just remaking it or doing the exact same thing again. The character back stories were fantastic, there really isn't anything i can say negatively about this film. The scenery was beautiful, the character designs were fucking awesome, no shitty ass cgi really. And a shit ton of scenes that will put you on the edge of your seat. Well fucking done! Standing slow clap.....Ya'll go watch this bad ass movie! Its on shudder!

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