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A scorned lover leads to a t rex?

So tammy and the t rex? I mean I've seen worse. Although a b rated film with both Denise Richards and Paul Walker which does get you bonus points, would have got triple bonus points if Denise Richards would have been topless ( Lol ) was still a pretty terrible movie. I mean sure there was some gore, and some crude comedy, definitely not enough of either in my book and a b rated must of some type of nudity was non existent, obviously didn't follow any type of cult film standards. Basically the movie was like mixing saved by the bell with the worst low budget horror film created by a Mormon. And at the time Denise Richards and Paul Walker were brand new so you can't say they were attempting to ride out the film on their names alone, although that's what it seems. Yet some how this film still makes alot of a critics cult films to watch list, which boggles my fucking mind. If you want to start your kids out slow in the cult/b rated genre its great for the teens, but other than that honestly it is a waste of time.

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