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A little bit of sunrise

First let me start off by saying im a huge beer lover and my other half fucking hates beer with a passion. This beer here, she fucking loves and it sucks because we can not get it here. When we were down last October visiting our manager who lives in Slidel, Louisiana he took ys to his local watering whole at the brass monkey draught emporium for some good beer. Needless to say we found it. The bar tender Bobby was one of the most knowledgeable bar tenders we have ever met when it came to the craft beer selection they had. I know, your thinking is this a beer review or bar review? Well its both, this beer that he had my wife try was amazing. So amazing she loved it and i quit drinking my ipas to continue drinking this for the rest of the night. This delightful thing was brewed by the folks over at Parish Brewing Company called sunrise and it is every bit as amazing as you could want. If you like fruitty beers and you like them being sour, this is the holy grail of sour beers. If it can make a non beer drinker fall in love, its worth a shot. So if you catch your self in Louisiana go to Parish Brewing and find this beer or head over to the Brass Monkey and catch up with Bobby and let him know Scoops and Mischief sent ya!

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