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A giant penis monster and naked grandpa

Im going to start off with saying that this film was one of the biggest mind fucks i have ever witnessed. First off, if you are going to attempt to watch the film Tusk, which i suggest you do, i also suggest you get very stoned prior. From a kid chopping his own leg off, an affair with a best friend, and being imprisoned by a psychotic man who wants to turn you into the love of his life which happens to be a walrus. That's right, you heard correctly, a fucking walrus, which ends up looking like a giant uncircumcised penis stitched together with some flippers and teeth. This movie is truly stoner b rated indie horror gold directed by Kevin Smith, which to many is known as Silent Bob. With that alone being said should be enough to tell you what your in store for, also a side note this has continuity in the universe of his other film Yoga Hosers which the girls do make an appearance in this movie. The acting is solid with some great actors including, fucking Johnny Depp. Yup thats right, the man himself Johnny Depp. Overall this was a great indie horror film that i suggest watching atleast once while being incredibly stoned.

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