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A cult film at its best!

This movie will definitely end up being a cult classic! I have watched it a few times since it has been out and im still not tired of it. The Void is a fantastic movie filled with great practical effects, stellar acting, and a story line so fucking far out there it would be hard to do anything close to it without being accused of being a direct copy. The gore factor is legit from self mutilation, to giant mutated human monsters, the movie is almost like taking the hellraiser franchise and mixing it with the thing just for good measure. The opening scene you see a girl get shot then burned alive. All the chaos that ensues during this movie is based around a doctor and some type of cult. The movie goes from your standard horror flick to a world of its own pretty quickly. I really can not say enough good things about this film other than if you want to watch a fucking cult classic in the making check this shit out! It's definitely on my top 10 favorite horror films especially for the newer films that have come out in recent years. And of course im going to leave this review off in my normal style, vague as fuck so go watch the fucking movie and thank me later!

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