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A cigar smokers heaven...

While we were on tour we had to stop by cigar international to check out this cigar bar. I have been a cigar smoker for years and have always been a customer of their online ordering but they have now started opening their own cigar bars across the country and let me tell you, its worth taking a weekend just to go and hang out for a few days. First off upon entering this bad boy, their walk in humidor is like the fucking size of a double wide trailer. Aisle after aisle of every brand of cigar you could even dream of. If you can't find something amazing to smoke, then there is something horribly fucking wrong with you. The customer service within the humidor was top notch, extremely friendly and helpful staff. Next we went out to the bar area. This area is gorgeous, more then plenty of seating rather its up at the bar or in some of their leather chairs and coacher to prop up and enjoy a fine smoke and drink. The bars drink selection was great with plenty of craft beer, wine, and mixed drinks to choose from. Last was their outdoor sitting area that contained a shit ton of sitting and beautifully placed fire pits that were amazing! Hands down this is the greatest cigar lounge i have ever visited and is a must see for any cigar enthusiast!

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