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"A bad review is better than sinking into the great glut of anonymity."

Jake Gyllenhaal, along with Rene Russo, star in a film of horror and drama called "Velvet Buzzsaw." The movie revolves around the world of art, and I mean the shit you see in a museum (i.e., sculptures, paintings, etc.) Gyllenhaal plays a bisexual art critic, named Morf Vanderwalt (I thought that was pretty unique). His friend/fuck buddy, Josephina (played by Zawe Ashton) works under the former Velvet Buzzsaw punk band member Rhodora Haze (Rene Russo). One evening, Josephina finds the dead body of unknown artist Ventril Dease in her apartment building. Being the nosy bitch she is, she goes into his apartment to find all sorts of creepy paintings. She decides to steal some of the artwork and show it to Morf and Rhodora, who fall entranced in his artwork. Rhodora chooses to exhibit Dease's paintings in one of her gallery shows. What happens next, you have to watch for yourself.

At first, I was not enthralled with "Velvet Buzzsaw" because I felt that the beginning was taking too long to bring the story into entertainment. My mind was totally changed when Dease's paintings became involved. His background showed why his paintings were so spine-chilling. I also enjoyed the psychedelic effects put into this film later on. They made me wonder what it would be like to be tripping and watching the movie (not influencing whatsoever). Randomly, I also found it hilarious to see Gyllenhaal as a bi/homosexual character, since the first movie that comes to mind when I see him is "Donnie Darko." I recommend this film if you are willing to be a little bit patient. There is plenty of humor and drama to start it off before it gets to the good part... The blood and sic artwork will leave you wanting to watch more.

~ Moonie Craytor

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