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Sometimes I can’t tell what I like more, the found footage genre or the anthology genre. It really is a toss up. I feel that found footage is more niche…and that the anthology has more widespread appeal. That being said, we come to an anthology that has gained popularity over the years and even a new horror icon. TRICK R TREAT not only has some engaging stories, but the characters also overlap in each other’s stories in ways you might not think, with some stories not making sense until the end when you see the ways these characters interact with one another. So, does this movie deserve all its acclaim? I would definitely say so. We get introduced to a mysterious group of friends, trick or treaters, a mystery about a bus, and some crazy characters along the way. Hell, we even get Curt Connors from Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy as one of the key players. The character you will probably remember the most is Sam, the visual centerpiece and one of the newest horror icons to hit the genre. Sam appears to be a kid…dressed in orange with a round sack over his face for a mask…but is there more to him? He even gets his own segment where you can see what he’s all about. For years they’ve discussed a sequel, but some things might be best left alone. Trick R Treat deserves its status in the genre. Check it out…just don’t eat a candy bar during the opening segment…

SLASH SCENE: The opening segment where a poor schmuck eats…something.


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