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5¢ Freakshow - Reanimation of Annihilation (Album Review)

Our friends horror punk band 5¢ Freakshow dropped their new album "Reanimation of Annihilation" yesterday. This album kicks ass! I just wish it was longer. Despite having seven tracks, the entire thing is less than twenty minutes long. But what a great twenty minutes it is! This album features some fantastic titles such as "Goregasm", "Killin 'Em Now", and "Deader Together", all of which are not only very fitting for a horror themed album, but also have a bit of that punk spirit. I especially love in "Ex-Mortis" that they're chanting the infamous phrase "klaatu barada nikto". My favorite track is definitely "Killin 'Em Together", it's a very short hard hitter with some great vocal harmonization. This whole album is like if you took the Ramones, killed them in some very gruesome way, and then they were resurrected by a necromancer. This band is definitely one of the best horror punk bands today, and painfully underrated. I absolutely love it! I highly recommend checking this album out. ~Gangis

Image Credit: Album cover for "Reanimation of Annihilation" by 5¢ Freakshow

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