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5¢ Freakshow - Pogo The Killer Clown

Our friends, horrorpunk band 5¢ Freakshow, took part in an 8 hour song challenge today, where they had to start from scratch and record a new song within an eight hour time frame. The song they came up with is titled "Pogo The Killer Clown", which is of course about John Wayne Gacy's clown persona Pogo. This song is absolutely fantastic! It's catchy, tells a good story, and has their usual horrorpunk sound, which I just love. It starts out with a really cool bassline before the guitars and drums kick in, then we get some sick riffs, and great vocals. I always enjoy whatever 5¢ Freakshow puts out, but I'm especially impressed with this one since they wrote it in only eight hours, and it sounds just as good if not better than some of their other stuff. I enjoyed this a lot and definitely recommend checking it out. ~Gangis

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