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40 Years of Bauhaus

Apparently it's been just over 40 years since iconic goth rock / post punk band Bauhaus released their debut album, "In The Flat Field". While they aren't as heavy as a lot of the other music we at Hellfire cover, there's no denying how huge of an impact this band has had, and definitely had to talk about this. I've been a fan of theirs for awhile, but never sat and listened to the entirety of their first album, so I decided to check it out. I read that apparently, they put out "Bela Lugosi's Dead", which is without a doubt their best known song, on a five track demo tape before their first album even came out. That's impressive as hell. "In The Flat Field" is a great album though. It really shows a lot of their punk roots in the vocals in a lot of the songs. I especially like "A God In An Alcove" and "The Spy In The Cab". This album was the beginning of one of the better known goth rock bands, and I think it's a fantastic beginning to a long career. While they didn't really develop their sound as much until some of their slightly later albums, this one laid the foundation to a fantastic band. I really like this album, and can clearly see a lot of elements that went on to create not only their other music, but also inspired a lot of other bands. I think this album is definitely worth a listen, and is really well done. ~Gangis

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