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3 From Hell: Fire or Trash?

I just sat down to check out the Rob Zombie flick 3 from hell. My overall opinion of the movie may not be a popular one but it isn't as bad as it's starting to sound right now. For the most part i enjoyed the movie, i was quite saddened by the untimely passing of Sid Haig, him not being in the health needed to act within the movie hurt the overall feel of this film. Sids overall dark comedy to me, was one of the essential pieces that made this Rob Zombie films so amazing, and without him, it suffered. The story line continued where the second left off to which was great, but it really didn't carry that same vibe that the first two films carried. To me it became more of a crazy outlaw movie than a horror film. It did have somewhat of an old cult film vibe which i dig, and the actors within the film were great, the cinematography was great, enough blood and tits for a cult film but it really suffered without Mr. Haig. Final thoughts, i liked it but not as much as i enjoyed the first two. The characters became more beloved than feared, maybe that was the idea and if it was, you definitely watched them almost become anti heroes which was achieved if that was what Mr.Zombie was shooting for. Overall i give it a solid B+. It's definitely worth sitting down and checking out!

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