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20 Years of Hybrid Theory

I can't believe Hybrid Theory is 20 years old. I really can't. I vaguely remember sitting on the schoolbus when I was a younger and more fooling demon rocking out to "In the End". Whether you're a fan of Linkin Park, you can't deny the impact this album and the band overall have had not only on music, but on people.

Hybrid Theory has some of their best known songs like "Crawling", and "In The End" on it. Both of those songs I feel were instrumental in shaping what course the band took over the years, and they modeled a lot of their other ones off those. "In The End" I feel like is one of those songs that everyone recognizes immediately from the piano notes at the beginning. They're such good songs.

But, this is one of those albums where I love every track. This album was such a big part of my childhood, and I absolutely love it. I know there are a lot of people in my generation and others who really felt a kinship with Chester. He wasn't afraid to talk about mental health and other sensitive topics in his music, and I feel like this was one of the first times these themes were talked about in mainstream music.

I absolutely adore this album and think it has definitely stood up as being one of the best albums to have come out of the 2000's. I think my favorite track has to be "One Step Closer".

I guess former members are working on some new music, which I'm definitely interested to hear how it'll be without Chester. Anyone else looking forward to their new stuff? Love Hybrid Theory? ~Gangis

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